Capilano River Advisory: Gradual Increase of Water Flow to Occur This Week

Metro Vancouver has advised the Squamish Nation that it will be releasing water via the Cleveland Dam in a highly controlled manner the rest of this week.  This release will increase the river level approximately 8 inches and will occur between 8 pm and midnight. This will hold constant until Friday at which point the levels will fluctuate with the weather patterns and operational use. 

“A key function of the dam is to ensure that both the lake levels and river levels remain safe. Because we are now into autumn and expecting heavy rainfall this weekend, we have been assessing the appropriate release of water, and beginning this evening we will be lowering the level of the lake below the elevation of the spillway gate so that the gate can be lowered and taken out of service by the end of the weekend. We are adding additional staff to monitor our operational practice during this activity. Once the spillway gate is fully open, we expect it will remain so through the winter.

Residents will continue to see fluctuations in the river throughout the fall and winter, both from natural weather patterns and from updated operational requirements for the dam.”

Click here to read the complete update from Metro Vancouver on the recent unexpected release of water at the Cleveland Dam.

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