Call for Applicants: Squamish Nation Electoral Commission Members

Call For Applicants: Squamish Nation Electoral Commission Members (Four year term)

Squamish Nation approved a new Election & Referendum Law to oversee elections and referendums for the Squamish Nation. At this time, the Squamish Nation is looking for seven members to be appointed to the Electoral Commission. According to the Squamish Nation Election and Referendum Law, the Electoral Commission has the authority over, and is responsible for, elections and referendums conducted by the Squamish Nation.

On the Commission, you will:

  • Implement law and regulations to ensure fair, transparent, and successful Squamish Nation elections.
  • Review documents from potential candidates.
  • Select the Electoral Officer for the next election and voting methods.
  • Help increase voter turn-out in Squamish Nation elections.

The Electoral Commission is appointed by Council and must consist of 7 Squamish Nation member as follows:

  One (1) elder over 65

  One (1) youth under 29

  One (1)  individual who resides on Mission IR #1 or Seymour IR #2

  One (1)  individual who resides on Capilano IR #5

  One (1)  individual who resides in the Squamish Valley

  Two (2)  individuals who do not reside on any of the Squamish Nation reserves.

Selection will be based on education, background, experience, and ability to work collaboratively. Please consider applying to support the good governance of the Squamish Nation.


Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Squamish Nation Council
Attention:  Eva Johnston
320 Seymour Blvd
North Vancouver, BC 
V7J 273

Or email to:

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