COVID-19 Risk and Needs Assessment Survey

The Squamish Nation is now conducting a COVID-19 Risk and Needs Assessment Survey to help us identify the most urgent needs in the community. All Squamish Nation members aged 16+ (on and off-reserve) are asked to complete this important survey.

Results of this survey will be used to allocate resources from the Nation, as well as Federal and Provincial governments.

For the health and safety of everyone, this survey will be administered online only. Please ask a family member if you require assistance with completing the survey.

The survey takes approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.


COVID-19 Risk & Needs Assessment Survey can be found here:

Notice to Squamish Nation Members: Youth Lacrosse and Sports Funding

There have been numerous questions and views expressed by community members regarding the Youth Lacrosse and Sports Funding.

This notice is to share information with Squamish Nation Members:

What is the Sports & Athletic Grants Policy? What is the reason for creating the Policy?
The Squamish Nation Council approved the Sports & Athletics Grants Policy, which guides the allocation of funding for sports and physical recreation for individual Squamish Nation (SN) Members and team sponsorship (60% SN Members).

The objective of the development of the policy was to create more fairness, accessibility, and transparency in this funding, as in the past it wasn’t always publicized or communicated to members. This policy consolidates all forms of funding into one pot and allows for equal access to funding regardless of what sport you play or where you live. Multiple council members and Squamish Nation staff have provided input that affected the development of this policy.

The new policy increased funding up to $500 per person and up to $2000 for elite athletes/sports. Eligible grant expenses can include registration fees, equipment purchase or rental, travel expenses, sports camps, etc.

Why did I receive a different amount for my Sports & Athletic grant than what was requested?
As a result of creating more accessibility and transparency, more members applied for funding than previous years. Staff allocated 100% of the budget in the first call out. There was no remaining funds for a second call out for applicants. In order to support as many Members as possible, the full Sports & Athletic grants amount requested by applicants were not awarded.

What is happening with the North Shore Lacrosse Association fees/funding?
Parents and the North Shore Lacrosse Association were notified by Squamish Nation staff, that under the Nation’s new policy, parents would need to apply for funding. This was communicated on the North Shore Lacrosse Association’s website and via Squamish Nation’s communications (letters, emails, etc.).

The Squamish Nation staff are aware that North Shore Lacrosse Association fees are due. We are working towards identifying available funds to pay for last year’s overdue fees and this year’s fees. Squamish Nation staff are in contact with the Association and following up on this matter.

What is being done to address the funding available for Sports & Athletic Grants?
Staff will be presenting their feedback to Council on the policy, which will include their challenges and opportunities. Recently, the staff have highlighted that the Sports and Athletic Grant funding needs to increase.
The Council will be discussing different ways to fundraise to increase funding for the Sports & Athletic grants moving forward.

In the future, we will be following the Sports & Athletic Policy to ensure all members have equal access to funding opportunities. All funding requests for sports and physical recreation will need to be submitted through the Sports & Athletic Grants application process.

Our goal is to remove barriers to ensure our children can play sports and have fun.

If you have paid the North Shore Lacrosse Association fees, you can contact Justine Sobell, Interim Manager, Recreation regarding reimbursement. You will need to provide an original receipt of payment in order to be reimbursed.

For reimbursement and additional questions, contact: Justine Sobell at 604-980-6338 or

Yúustway Health & Wellness Notice

A Notice from Yúustway Health & Wellness


Please call your Doctor’s office for advice before coming to the clinic if you have the following:

  • Fever
  • Dry cough
  • Shortness of Breath

If you have flu-like symptoms, known exposure to COVID-19 and a history of travel, you can go to:

North Vancouver Urgent and Primary Care Centre at
221 Esplanade West, 2nd Floor, North Vancouver
Phone #: 604-973-1600, Between 7 am – 5pm

Do not go to the Emergency Department

Call 811 for advice on COVID-19 infection.

If you have a cough, please ask for a mask and use the hand sanitizer provided.

Thank you for your consideration.

To view notice, click here


Message from the FNHA:

The First Nations Health Authority is advising all communities to avoid unnecessary travel and attendance at large public gatherings because of the risk of spreading the COVID-19 at the gathering.​

This week the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, signaling a greater risk to widespread populations.

We understand people will be disappointed at the postponement of events and travel plans, but our common priority now is to slow the spread of the disease, contain the chain of transmission and protect our most vulnerable family and community members.

Attending large gatherings increases the risk of exposure and therefore the chance of participants getting infected and carrying the virus home to their communities and passing it on to their more vulnerable friends and family, particularly Elders, seniors and those with other health conditions.

The FNHA recommends social distancing, forgoing usual greetings (such as handshakes, hugging, kissing etc.), consideration of virtual gatherings and importantly staying home if you are experiencing any illness.

FNHA will postpone FNHA-hosted public events and will avoid sending staff to any large events held during this public health emergency.

If you have any questions about your health, you are encouraged to call *811.

For more information please go to:

COVID-19 Hand Hygiene Poster: Click here for poster

FNHA news:

PRESS RELEASE: District of Squamish and Squamish Nation Councils aligned on new dike placement and begin work on next steps

SQUAMISH, B.C. – The District of Squamish and Squamish Nation Councils are proceeding with next steps after the Councils each recently endorsed a new dike alignment between the Siyich’em Reserve and Íkwikws Reserve in Brackendale, encompassing the area from the eagle viewing dike at Government Road to the existing dike at Fisherman’s Park. After reviewing three scenarios, the Councils each endorsed the same preferred dike alignment, and expressed support for advancing the Dike Master Plan on that basis.

The endorsed option entails constructing the dike on a new alignment heading northwest from Siyich’em Reserve, set back 30 metres from the active Squamish River bank, and connecting to the existing dike at Fisherman’s Park. This approach would enable the recapture of lost reserve lands for the Squamish Nation. While the new dike alignment would partially disconnect a large, forested gravel bar island from the Squamish River, partial connection could be maintained via a fish-friendly pump station at the outlet of Jimmy Jimmy (Judd) Slough. As part of a separate ongoing project the District and Squamish Nation are also planning to reconnect the upper end of Jimmy Jimmy (Judd) Slough with the Squamish River with a new culvert and gate system to improve water quality and aquatic habitat in the slough.

“As a Nation, we have learned that dike alignment can have a severe impact on our community spanning generations, so the decision to move forward with the preferred alignment is a significant one. We are balancing the need to protect the entire community residing on our territory, while also ensuring the interests of the Nation are in the forefront,” said Orene Askew, Squamish Nation Councillor and spokesperson. “Though the selected option does not recapture all of the original reserve area, it does allow us the opportunity to recover some of the land lost. With the support of the District of Squamish and Council, as well as the larger community who supported this option through the process, we are one step closer to correcting a past wrong. This is difficult but important work we are undertaking as project partners with the District of Squamish.”

Further work to evaluate the feasibility of this option must now take place, and will include developing and evaluating the chosen option in further detail, refining cost estimates and completing community engagement. The new dike alignment will also require approval from Fisheries and Oceans Canada as well as provincial agencies.

“While there is still a long way to go, I am really proud of the work accomplished so far. From the beginning, we wanted to work in partnership with Squamish Nation to select the consultant, develop decision-making criteria and identify possible solutions. I am pleased that both Councils have endorsed a dike alignment that meets the goals of the District’s Integrated Flood Hazard Management Plan to better protect citizens and infrastructure with the added benefit of being able to reclaim lost reserve land,” says District of Squamish Mayor Karen Elliott. “Certainly, there will be some hurdles to overcome with the chosen option, but this is the right option to explore in the spirit of reconciliation and building community resiliency.”

Further work to evaluate the chosen option involves:
• Geotechnical drilling investigation along the new dike alignment to evaluate seismic stability and other geotechnical considerations.
• Stormwater study to determine the size and function of the future pump station at the slough outlet and any other required drainage modifications to facilitate this option.
• Developing detailed drawings in order to further engage with regulators to determine whether the project can receive permitting (DFO, MFLNRORD).
• Discussions between Squamish Nation and District of Squamish to secure access rights for ongoing dike maintenance purposes.

Determining the new dike alignment is a required step prior to seeking adoption of the Siyich’em Reserve/ Eagle Viewing Area Dike Master Plan.

Further information, including a link to the Report to District of Squamish Council that outlines all three dike options considered, is available on the project page:


Media Contact:
Rachel Boguski, Communications Coordinator
District of Squamish | Hardwired for Adventure

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