Request for Proposal – Forensic Audit Services

Squamish Nation has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of forensic audit services. This is part of the Squamish Nation’s request for legal advice from its legal counsel.

This RFP will be conducted with the objective of maximizing the benefit to the Nation, while offering Proponents a fair and equitable opportunity to participate.

Proponents are advised to pay careful attention to the wording used throughout the RFP. Failure to satisfy any term or condition of this RFP may result in a non-compliant Proposal. In particular pay careful attention to Section 1.7 Submission Requirements.

Download the RFP here.

Summary of Key Information

RFP Title Forensic Audit Services
RFP # 1 – 0201

Contact Person
Chris Mullen
Director of Finance

Submission Location
Main Desk
Squamish Nation Administration Building
320 Seymour Blvd.
North Vancouver
V7 J 2J3

RFP Issue Date August 16, 2019
RFP Closing Date September 6, 2019 no later than 15:00:00 PST

2nd Call for 2019 School Support Forms

Did you miss the May 31st Deadline?
There is still time….

This is the 2nd call-out for School Support Forms.

Please note that school supports are always based on budget availability and if needed, date of application.

Private school and High Cost Special Education Private school application has now closed, including new

Please Submit your forms by: July 31st, 2019

Download School Support and Direct Deposit forms here


We are very excited to announce our partnership with Cycle HUB and Vancouver Coastal Health! Through this partnership we will be bringing family bike days to the our community.

Safe biking safe is great way to be active at any age!

The first day is on Friday July 26, from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm at the CJMC.

This specialized 4-hour course allows Squamish Nation parents and children aged 7-14 to learn safe cycling skills and experience the joy of cycling together. HUB’s highly-trained instructors will cover concepts such as navigating different local intersections, making safe turns, communicating with other road users, and lane positioning on the road. This course will also include the basics of how to keep your bike running smoothly. Participants will learn through group activities, on-bike skills practice and a neighborhood road ride where families put their new skills to practice on quiet city streets. HUB will also be bringing helmets and bikes to use for those who don’t have them. In order to register, at least one parent must participate for every 3 children.

RideOn has graciously donated about 50 bikes to the recreation department. Upon completion of the family bike program, participants will be allowed to choose from the donated bikes to keep for themselves!

If you would like to register for this fun bike day with some of your family members please email and list the name of age of all your family members who will be participating.


July 9, 2019, North Vancouver, BC — Today, the Squamish Nation announced it has submitted an application for leave to apply for judicial review of the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) Project approval in the Federal Court of Appeal. The Squamish Nation is one of several First Nations proceeding with court challenges of the TMX Project.

The Squamish Nation is, once again, challenging the approval of the TMX Project based on Canada’s failure to fulfill its obligations to consult and accommodate the Nation. The Trudeau government approved the Project without meaningfully engaging with the Squamish Nation or ensuring the Nation’s interests were protected.

“The Trudeau government keeps pushing an oil pipeline project no matter the cost or impacts. The Trudeau government is trampling the Indigenous Rights of the Squamish People with their second approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. The Squamish Nation will seek to challenge the Federal government’s disregard for Aboriginal rights protected in the Canadian Charter.”
— Khelsilem, Squamish Nation Councillor and Spokesperson

The TMX Project poses significant risks to the Nation’s unceded territory, the community’s reliance on healthy marine and aquatic environments, and to the existence of the southern resident killer whale—a species of cultural importance to the Nation that is recognized to be in a critical state.

The Squamish Nation remains deeply committed to holding the Trudeau government to its obligations of meaningful consultation with, and accommodation of, First Nations.


Squamish Nation must first apply for leave before bringing a challenge to the approval because of a requirement under the National Energy Board Act for projects such as this.

It is uncertain when the Court will make its determination on the leave application; however, the Squamish Nation anticipates hearing back from the Court within a few months. The previous leave application took two months to be decided.


To arrange interviews with the Squamish Nation Spokesperson, contact:
Lauren Hutchison
Communications Officer, Squamish Nation
604-363-4055 |

Download a PDF copy of this media release here

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