25% Blood Quantum

This is our last post before voting day!  Please be sure to come out and vote tomorrow – and have your voice heard! 

During the many community meetings over more than 20 months, community members asked a great deal of important questions.   One question that came up was regarding the Membership decision to recognize 50% minimum blood quantum, and asking why we didn’t anticipate the problems with discrimination in the Squamish Nation Membership Code against those with 25% blood quantum.

The response is that we did know that this was coming.  However, in 1997, 58% of our membership voted against accepting the grandchildren of Bill C-31 women (with 25% blood quantum) as members – because they didn’t have Indian status, and they thought that we couldn’t afford to take care of them.  These grandchildren now have status as a result of Bill C-3, and we are coming back to Membership again to ask if we should accept the grandchildren of Bill C-31 women as members.

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