Increased Dump Truck Traffic on Capilano I.R. No. 5 – North End of Ikwikws Road

The Nation is importing sand into the Parcel G site, Capilano IR No. 5. This coarse sand is being accepted from the new Lions Gate Treatment Plant site where it was previously used as preload on that site. The sand has been confirmed clean of any contamination and will be stockpiled adjacent to the proposed Phase 4 subdivision site for use in upcoming Nation capital projects.

The trucking of this sand is scheduled to commence around Monday, February 3, 2020 and be completed around mid-March 2020. See truck haul route map on page 2. During this work, the contractor will ensure minimal disruption to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic and minimal inconvenience to residents; however, signage directing new traffic detours will be placed if temporary road closures are required.

During construction, as well as after hours, for safety reasons we ask that you please refrain from entering the Parcel G site. We also ask that you ensure children do not enter or play on the site or equipment.

For more information on this project please stop by the housing office. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in bringing this project to a successful completion.

For any project concerns or questions please call or email:
Housing Office: Tel: 604-904-7474;


January 23, 2020


Dear Squamish Nation Members,

This notice is to inform members that the next People’s Assembly (formerly called “General Meeting”)—originally scheduled for January 26, 2020—has been postponed until further notice.

People’s Assemblies are a governance function of the Squamish Nation under the Election and Referendum Law approved by Membership. People’s Assemblies are scheduled quarterly as an opportunity for Membership to consider resolutions brought forward by Members to give direction on the future of the Squamish Nation. You can read more about People’s Assemblies in the Election and Referendum Law, which is available online at

The postponement is due to the fact that no Member resolutions were submitted, and that no Members indicated (to any Councillor or Council support staff) an intention to submit a resolution. Given that there are no agenda items for the People’s Assembly, we made the decision to postpone out of consideration for everyone’s time.

If you would like to bring a resolution to Membership at a future People’s Assembly, please complete a Resolution Drafting Template (download here) and email it to or drop it off at the main office. Resolutions will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

If you require assistance with preparing a resolution or have questions about how the process works, please do not hesitate to contact any member of Council or the Council Co-Chairs.

Chen kw’enman-túmi (I thank you),

Tiyáltelut                                    Skwetsi7meltxw  
Kristen Rivers                              Joshua Joseph                            
Council Co-Chair                         Council Co-Chair      

Metro Vancouver Construction at Capilano and Marine Drive

Message from Metro Vancouver:

Construction starting in your community

Metro Vancouver provides clean, safe drinking water to residents and business across the region through a system of reservoirs, water mains, and pump stations. Operating our vast drinking water system, requires constant upgrades and expansion to meet the needs of a growing region.

Metro Vancouver will be replacing and upgrading aging valves that help control water flows through the First Narrows Tunnel Crossing. These valves are housed within two valve chambers located along the Capilano Water Main Corridor (“Capilano Corridor”), one at the intersection of Marine Drive and the other within Metro Vancouver’s works yard south of Welch Street. (See map on reverse).

Construction for this project will be phased over two years as work will need to take place during the winter months to ensure continued supply of water in the summer, when rainfall is lower and demand for water is higher.

Phase 1 is scheduled to start in late January 2020 for approximately one month. While the majority of construction will take place within Metro Vancouver’s works yard, crews will need to perform associated construction activities at the intersection of Marine Drive and Capilano Corridor. These activities may cause temporary traffic delays for motorists travelling through the area.

Phase 2 is scheduled to take place in late 2020/early 2021.

When complete, the new valves will ensure the continued supply of clean, safe drinking water south of the North Shore.

Thank you for your patience as we complete this necessary work.

Information Centre: 604-432-6200 (Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM)
After Hours Emergency: 604-451-6610
Email: (Please include “First Narrows Tunnel Improvements” in the subject line)

You can view the full notice from Metro Vancouver here


Today, The Squamish Nation’s north shore lands are vulnerable to flooding from rising sea levels and more severe storms as a result of climate change.

More severe coastal flood events have the potential to damage community infrastructure, archaeological sites, and natural habitats along the waterfront.  Flooding could also lead to power outages affecting buildings further inland. The risk of these impacts is expected to increase as sea levels continue to rise.

The Squamish Nation is working with neighbouring communities to develop a Sea Level Rise Adaptive Management Strategy for the north shore of Burrard Inlet to build resilience across the region. The Squamish Nation has a rich history of adapting to changes on our Lands since beyond recorded history.  Our Uxwimixw cultural values and traditional knowledge are the foundation for our Nation’s resilience.  The project looks out seven generations (200 years) to understand how sea level rise could affect members today, our grandchildren, and future generations. Adapting to sea level rise supports our long-term vision of self-sufficiency and a high quality of life for all our members. 

For more information on the project and to provide feedback on what is important to you, visit

A notice containing more information about sea level rise and the project is available for download here.

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