Brennan Park Recreation Centre expansion

The District of Squamish is engaging the community on options for an expanded Brennan Park Recreation Centre and vision for the surrounding parks and lands. Information about the project can be viewed here:

They are inviting all residents to share their input by completing our community survey, currently online here:

Advisory Committee Call-out

Squamish Nation Council is looking for Nation elders, youth, and members to advise Council by joining an Advisory Committee

NORTH VANCOUVER, June 3rd, 2018 —The Squamish Nation Council in May 2018 put a call out to Squamish Nation members to join a select advisory committee to Council. The Squamish Nation Council is extending the deadline to apply to join these committees by two weeks to June 19th, 2018 at 5 pm.

Members interested in joining a committee are asked to submit:

  • a cover letter explaining their reasons for why they wish to join the committee
  • and a reference letter speaking to their background, experience, or value to this committee.

Members are asked to send their cover letter and reference letter to Denise Jensen at or drop it off at the Main Office.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee to provide Council and the Squamish Nation with advice. Council is seeking the input of our members and is forming Advisory Committees to accomplish this.

Members are invited to submit their application for:

  • Elders Advisory Committee: A committee of ten elders (55+) who can advise Council and the Squamish Nation as a group of elders to provide insight, background, history, and more.
  • Youth Advisory Committee: A committee of ten youth (12-30) who can advise Council and the Squamish Nation as a group of youth to provide ideas, insights, feedback, and more.
  • Housing Advisory Committee: A committee of ten members who will advise Council and the Squamish Nation on housing issues in the Squamish Nation. This work may include policy review, project review, and more.
  • Budget and Financial Report Advisory Committee: A committee of ten members who advise Council and the Squamish Nation on the annual budget and annual financial reporting to Membership.

Members are asked to submit different cover letters and reference letters for each committee they are interested in joining.

For more information, please contact Denise Jensen at 604-980-4553 or

Additional Information:

  • Committees are volunteer-based.
  • Meetings will be approximately once per month or more if determined by the committee
  • Council will appoint two Councillors as liaisons to each committee as Council liaisons
  • Council will appoint the committee members based on the applications submitted
  • Each committee will have Terms of Reference to be considered for approval by Council that set out scope, mandate, and structure of the committee.
  • The council may form more committees once these four committees are appointed.

Post Graduate Credential Survey

On the behalf of Education, Employment & Training Department (EE+T Department) we are requesting statistics from Squamish Nation community members.

If you have received a post‐grad credential, either through the post‐secondary program, personal funding, or funding from any other Squamish Nation program, please send the information to Lisa Paull and we will add it to our EE+T Department database. Our goal with the database is to be able to contact members with career and job opportunities that we are aware of.

You can download the entire notice and survey form here (Fillable PDF).

News Release PM Betrays Indigenous People – Purchases Kinder Morgan Pipeline

News Release

Prime Minister Betrays Indigenous People with Purchase of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

VANCOUVER (May 28, 2018) — Squamish Nation is appalled by the decision by the Government of Canada to risk billions of taxpayer’s dollars to purchase the assets of Kinder Morgan and to pursue completion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion which threatens Squamish Nation territory and our people.

“This is a continued betrayal of promises made to us by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He told Canada’s Indigenous people that our rights would be respected and upheld. He has broken that promise. He promised us he would put the pipeline expansion through a brand new review. He has broken that promise as well,” says Khelsilem, elected councilor and spokesperson for Squamish Nation.

“This decision benefits only Texas-based Kinder Morgan, rewarding them for a project that was becoming increasingly risky. Now the Trudeau Government is making all Canadians take on that risk in the face of strong opposition and a move by Europe, China and other nations to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels for the good of their citizens and the planet,“ Khelsilem adds.

Khelsilem says “the Squamish Nation will continue to fight to protect our inlet, our communities and our economy. Regardless of who owns the project our position has not changed. An expanded Trans Mountain pipeline would triple the capacity of diluted bitumen and is expected to increase the number of tankers from five to 35 each month. The tankers pass by three Squamish Nation communities on the Burrard Inlet and a single diluted bitumen marine spill would be catastrophic for our communities, our economy, and our home as a Squamish people.”

“We have a right to practice our culture, our way of life, and to continue our right to self-determination in our territories. This is a right that we have never surrendered, and it is a right we will continue to defend,” Khelsilem concludes.

For more information:
Chris Olsen
Peak Communicators
604 689 5559
250 808 4910

Download News Release here

Governance Policy Engagement Session

You are invited!

The Squamish Nation Council received legal advice recommending that its Governance Manual be revised to ensure legality, consistency, conciseness and readability. Council is proud to announce we intend to proceed with a Squamish Nation membership consultation process regarding the Governance Manual now that this legal review is complete. Following a Council Motion dated January 25, 2018, Clark Wilson LLP was instructed to proceed with its recommended
revisions to the Governance Manual. The initial review looked at broad, high-level issues with the Governance Manual. Clark Wilson LLP has completed a comprehensive analysis as requested. What was previously called the Governance Manual is now called the Council Governance Policy. The comprehensive review included recommended amendments that provided: cosmetic edits; revisions to ensure it meets standard legislative drafting practices and conforms to principles of statutory interpretation; and alteration of the title to Council Governance Policy.

Council would like to invite members to begin a discussion on how the community would like to amend the Governance Policy.

You can download a copy of the Governance Policy here

You may also request copies to be picked up or ordered from the Administration at 604-980-4553 or picked up from Totem Hall at 604-892-5166.

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