Capilano IR No. 5 Transportation Study

Squamish Nation Council would like to share the Capilano IR No. 5 Transportation Study with membership (Download Here)

What the transportation study aims to develop:

  • A picture of existing transportation conditions and future conditions
  • Identify the Nation’s goals to define ourpicture of ideal future conditions
  • Create a roadmap to move towards our ideal future transportation conditions

The study team has gathered input and direction from Council and the community to understand:

  • Our needs
  • Our concerns
  • Our priorities

The study has identified Our goals and ideas for how the transportation network should:

  • Support movement in our community
  • Provide access to and from the community for members and residents
  • Address the impacts of regional transportation movements and infrastructure

Squamish Women’s Hiking Program

We are very proud to present our Squamish Women’s Hiking Program!

Squamish Nation, in partnership with nation member Myia Antone, winner of the Mountain Equipment Co-op Outdoor Nation Fund is offering a summer hiking program for Squamish women. The program will give women to the opportunity to be active and engage in low impact exercise while connecting with traditional Squamish lands. The goal is to incorporate health, wellness and culture in a positive and active environment.

Please see attached poster for more details. Contact Justine Sobell @ Chief Joe with any inquiries.

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