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Dear Squamish Nation Members,
Since being elected on December 10th, 2018, your Council has been busy strategizing ways to create more trust between our people and Council. We are also working hard to become informed on all matters, issues, and projects that were under way when we began this term. One of our main priorities is to continually communicate our recent actions as well as our future plans. This is the first of many updates, thanks for your support and patience.


Response to Fuel Spill in Howe Sound

Squamish Nation response to fuel spill in Howe Sound

Government needs to prevent oil and fuel spills from happening
North Vancouver, February 1, 2018:  The Squamish Nation is deeply disappointed with the fuel spill in Howe Sound on January 31st, 2018 due to the sinking of a derelict barge.

Squamish Nation Council spokesperson and elected Councillor Dustin Rivers says “When spills happen, they can devastate our coastline. Fuel spills directly impact our economy, culture, and community who have lived off our homelands for thousands of years. The risk of spills is always present in our minds, and our communities feel the consequences.”

The Howe Sound is in the unceded Squamish Nation territory. This spill happened near the Squamish village-site of “Ḵ’íḵ’elx̱en” (“Little Fort”) which includes Squamish Nation reserve lands.

We have grave concern for resident and migrating herring and new salmon fry. We need particular attention to any hydrocarbons that may spread as a result of this incident. We want clean-up to deal with all substances that might sink to the bottom as well. The Squamish Nation will be looking into holding all accountable for this incident.

Our Nation has repeatedly told all levels of government to deal with derelict vessels & barges.

For interviews, please contact

Dustin Rivers
Squamish Nation Councilor and spokesperson:
Cell:(604) 318-0458
Email: dustin_rivers@squamish.net

Post Secondary Needs assessment survey update

Update on the Post Secondary Needs assessment survey 5 winners of $100.00 cash:

1. Nicholas Nahanee ( Capilano)
2. Lisa Baker (Squamish Valley)
3. Yvonne Brekke (Squamish Valley) 
4. Michelle Nahanee (Capilano)
5. Gwen Harry (Squamish Valley)

Draw Witness by Chief Ian Campbell, Paul Wick, Jessie Williams and Lisa Paull.
Winners have been contacted by phone and email.

Chen wanáxwstúmiyap (I respect you all),

Lisa Paull
Post Secondary Advocate
Squamish Nation Education, Employment & Training Department

Email: lisa_paull@squamish.net
Phone: 604-980-4553
Toll-Free: 1-877-628-2288
Fax: 604-980-4523
Mailing Address: PO Box 86131, North Vancouver, BC V7L 4J5

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