2018 FNHA Health Benefits Client Satisfaction Survey

FNHA is committed to quality improvement and we want to hear from you! This purpose of this survey is for you, as a client of Health Benefits, with the opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of service received in your most recent experience. Survey data will be used to improve Health Benefits services for BC First Nations. This survey should only take 5 minutes of your time.

Please download, print and fill out this form! You can get it here: FNHA Health Benefits Survey

Electoral Commission – Call for Chief Voting Officer

Squamish Nation Electoral Commission

From the desk of the Electoral commission Chairperson – Christine Baker

Chief Voting Officer

Election Commission to Appoint a Chief Voting Officer

Applications are being accepted for the position of Chief Voting Officer (CVO) for the Squamish Nation.

The CVO is responsible for the overall referendum election process and must be fair, impartial and have efficient administrative skills.

Duties include:           appointing other election officials as required; establish and maintain the voter’s list; giving public notice of upcoming referendum; establishing and equipping the voting places; giving public notice of elections; printing the ballots; overseeing all aspects of the referendum on the general voting day and all other duties as established in the election and referendum regulations.

The successful applicant must have some election experience, strong management, communication and interpersonal skills.  Computer experience would be a definite asset.

The letter of interest from the applicants should include education and experience and will be accepted until September 14, 2018 and can be delivered, faxed or emailed to:

Electoral commission Chairperson – Christine Baker

Deliver to:
North Vancouver Squamish Valley
SN Band Office Totem Hall
320 Seymour Blvd 1380 Stawamus Rd
North Vancouver, BC Squamish, BC
(Registry Dept)
Fax: (604) 980-6818 (604) 980-6818
Phone: (604) 849-3223 (604)848-2255

Email: Christine_baker@squamish.net

Download this notice here: LINK


Pipe Installment and Temporary Road Construction

Pipe Installment and Temporary Road Construction to Start Soon in Xwmelch’stn

NORTH VANCOUVER, August 20th, 2018 ‐‐ The Squamish Nation wants to inform local residents and members about the temporary road construction and eventual underground pipe installation near the train tracks in Xwmelch’stn (Capilano) starting in the coming weeks.

The pipe installment a part of the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Conveyance Project. This is a project to move the wastewater treatment from the current Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plan located near the Capilano River on the Capilano Reserve to a new location near Pemberton Avenue.

The hours of the construction will be Monday through Friday from 7:30am‐5:30pm and Saturday from 8:00pm to 5:00pm.

The project starts in fall 2018 and expected to be complete in late 2020.

In the fall 2018, the Squamish Nation will be hosting open houses and community meetings to explain more about this project and the exciting opportunities coming to the Nation.

Click any of the images below to read the letter from North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Conveyance Project for more information.


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