Heather Street Land, Nations Members VIP Event

You are invited…

The Management Committee for the Joint Venture between the MST Partnership and Canada Lands Company invites you to the Nations Members VIP event. This important event will introduce you to the MST-CLC Joint Venture Partnership, provide an update on the Heather Street lands and help launch the Heather Street Lands planning process. Be a part of creating the vision for the new neighbourhood!

Please join us on Sunday, September 18 for the Nations Members VIP event, an opportunity to find out more about the projects , share your ideas, and preview information before the general public event on September 24th.  Members are also welcome to the event on Sept 24!


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Riverside Trailer Park- Seaichem IR #6 Update

We are writing to our membership to update you regarding the status of the Riverside Trailer Park on Seaichem Indian Reserve #16.
As a responsible government, we have an obligation to always act in the best interests of Squamish Nation membership and protect the Amalgamation. Council must also ensure that all members benefit from revenues derived from lands held collectively by Squamish Nation membership.


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Food Fish 2016

The Squamish Nation is in the process of organizing the harvest of Food Fish – Fresh
Sockeye. The distribution date and allocation of Food Fish will vary depending on the
harvest/catch numbers. We are anticipating the harvest to take place between August 5 – 8,



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