News Release – Sept 29 2017


Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) closes Riverside Trailer Park

SQUAMISH, B.C. – (Sept. 29, 2017) – A portion of the Riverside Trailer Park located on the 9.54 acre property controlled by the Squamish Nation on what is known as Siyí7ch’em (Seaichem) Reserve is closing as scheduled on Sept. 30, 2017. More than a year ago, on Sept. 8, 2016, the Squamish Nation announced the closure of the trailer park for business purposes, a decision driven in part by health and safety concerns for the residents.

Squamish Nation looked at all of the options available to keep the park open but concluded that the operation of the trailer park was not a viable business, as the trailer park needed significant capital investment to replace outdated water and sewer infrastructure. The cost of capital investment was estimated at $500,000 plus additional costs to connect the system to the District’s water and sewage systems and to perform park upgrades. Rental payments for the units located in the trailer park were $400 per month, which was not sufficient to pay for Squamish Nation’s substantial expenses for the required water and sewer infrastructure as well as maintenance, office administration, property management and utilities.

The 19 tenants, who had been renting sites on Lots 6 and 7 of Siyí7ch’em Reserve on a month-by-month basis since December 2012, were provided with a full year of notice to relocate from the trailer park. The tenants were required to remove their mobile homes and any other leasehold improvements before the end of that one-year period at their own expense. Those who signed agreements to relocate by Sept. 30, 2017 were allowed to remain in the trailer park rent-free. Six tenants left early and received additional payments ranging from $4,800 to $9,600 for vacating the reserve.

As of Sept. 29, 2017, 16 tenants have vacated the trailer park. The remaining three tenants have indicated that they will be moving out by Sept. 30, 2017.

“The Squamish Nation has dedicated itself to treating all tenants fairly during the one-year, rent-free, notice and relocation period,” said Squamish Nation Councilor and Spokesperson Chris Lewis.
“We wish to thank our former tenants for their understanding. We looked for ways to keep the park open but in the end, closing the park was the only option left for us.”

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September 2017


If you are not a member of Squamish Nation and want to fish in Squamish Nation waters, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Be a First Nations individual with a valid status card
  2. Obtain a Fish Permit from Squamish Nation
  3. Must present identification and permit when requested by a Squamish Nation Fish Guardian or Bylaw Officer.

To apply for a Fish Permit you must submit a Permit Application and receive approval.
Please contact Cheryl Martin at 604.980.4553 to learn more or complete the Permit Process.

It should be noted that the above process applies to Non Nation Members living in the community and are spouses or partners of Nation Members.

Non compliance may result in sanctions being imposed against violators including banishment from Squamish Nation Reserves.

We are aware that some individuals are not adhering or listening to our Fish Guardians to follow proper permitting process.  The Nation is prepared to take appropriate action to protect Squamish Nation rights and laws.

Thank you for your Cooperation.

Walter Schneider
Executive Operating Officer – Service Delivery


Download the notice here: Fishing Permit Required (pdf)

Information Requested

Cash Reward:

The Squamish Nation has received reports that 3 Nation members have been snagging fish from the catch pool on the Seymour River, which is managed by the Seymour Salmonid Society. 

The Squamish Nation has formed a strategic partnership with the society to engage in conservation efforts on the Seymour River which is now listed as an endangered river.  In support of ensuring conservation needs are met, Chiefs and Council passed a motion on September 16, 2016 to impose an immediate fishing closure on Seymour River from the train bridge and upstream.  This closure area is marked by appropriate signage.  The closure is in place until the conservation targets are met.

While the general public have adhered to the signage, unfortunately we have received multiple reports that the same 3 reported Nation Members are returning and snagging excessive numbers of fish and most recently snagged more than 70 fish on Monday August 28th. It is in part the excessive overfishing that has required us to step up efforts to increase security but also identify these individuals.

Squamish Nation Fisheries is offering a cash reward leading to the identification of these individuals.

If you have any information about these events or individuals, please contact: or 604.982.8645.

The reward will only be paid for information leading to clear identification these individuals

You can download this notice here: Download (pdf)

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